Pet Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth.......D.E for Pets and Animals~










What is Diatomaceous Earth?









Diatomaceous earth is a plant~ based powder that occurs naturally

within the earth. The powder gets it's unique name because it

derived  from "diatoms" which are algae like plants that have existed

on earth for years......







As diatoms broke down they left behind a chalky white powder called

diatomite. Today Diatomaceous earth manufacturers harvest this

powder, combine it with other diatom derivatives, and release it as

diatomaceous earth. 








The  earth is popular for all sorts of different purposes, including

gardening (where it acts as a natural insecticide) and house cleaning

(where  it helps fight off bed bugs, cockroaches, and other bug







Today, more and more pet owners are also using diatomaceous earth

to solve flea~releated problems in pets.  






Many pet owners use diatomaceous earth as a naural pest~killer on

dogs. Just like diatomaceous earth fights pests in your gardens and

home, it can also fight pests on your cats and dogs. 






BEST of all diatomaceous earth kills pests usuing natural methods

instead  of a chemical~based toxic solution. 





If your're using diatomaceous earth on your dogs or cats, then be sure 

to use  food~grade DE instead of filter grade. Filter~grade earth is the

stuff typically used in pools and it can damage your pet (it has higher

silica) content and is not suited for human or animal use. 






Food~grade diatomaceous earth isn't just safe for pets: you can easily

ingest it as well!!! So if you like being careful about what you give

your pet, then there's nothing wrong with DE: 







There are MANY ways to use diatomaceous earth on your pets:






Feeding Diatomaceous Earth to your Dogs and Cats Can Eliminate:




















If you're feeding diatomaceous earth to your pet, then you should feed

the animal for at least 30 days. This will destroy adult worms while

also targeting hatchling eggs and smaller worms throughout the lungs

and stomach. 







Dusting your Pet's Fur with Diatomaceous Earth can:





Control external parasites, like fleas and flies






Kill any ticks and eggs on fur






Be applied to your pet's fur or to the bedding and carpet areas

wherever your pet lies down....






.....In addition to targeting pests and critters, there's also some

evidence that diatomaceous earth can absorb methyl mercury, e~coli,

endotoxins, viruses, organophosphate pesticide residues, drug residues,

and the bacteria created by intestinal infections. This can make it an

effective overall cleanser for your pet. 












How to use Diatomaceous Earth on your Pet......








As a food~







For dogs, you sould add one tablespoon per day of food~grade diatomaceous earth to dog~food for dogs over 55 lbs.






For puppies, smaller dogs, and normal~sized cats, use one teaspoon

per day.







Larger cats (cats over 13 lbs.) can safely be given 1 ~1/2 teaspoons of

food~grade DE. Kittens and smaller cats (2 to 6 ~ 1/2 lbs.) can be given

1/2 teaspoon of food~grade DE.








If the kittens are still nursing or only taking milk, you should avoid

giving them DE until they have moved to solid food.








Some pets may be picky when they see a white powder in their food

and they might refuse to eat it. If that's the case, then recommends adding the DE directly to the

bag of cat or dog~food. Then, shake the bag to distribute the powder

evenly throughout the food. This will mask the scent. To use the right

dosage of DE, simply take note of the number of servings in the bag of

food. then multiply the appropriate DE dosage by th enumber of

servings and add that amount to the bag. 








If that doesn't work, then you may want to try mixing a dosage of DE

with a quarter cup of water. Then, pour it over your pet's food. 







As a Powder Coating.....








If you are using diatomaceous earth externally to control parasites,

simply rub the diatomaceous earth powder into your dog's coat to

control fleas while also sprinkling it on the bedding. You should wear a

dust mask when applying the diatomaceous earth powder, as it can

irritate your lungs and mucous membranes in your nose.  







Some pet owners prefer the powder coating method instead of the food

coating method because cats and dogs lick off the powder anyways!!!

As the animal licks the powder off their fur, it works as in internal

cleanser as well. 






After a few day's of leaving DE on your dog's skin, it's time to bathe

them and vacuum the area you covered with DE. This will collect any

dead bugs (and half~dead bugs) that may still be lying around







Thoroughly shampoo your dog or cat. Consider using a soap~free

shampoo or moisturing shampoo. Since diatomaceous earth dries out

the skin, your pet's skin, is likely a little dehydrated, so you should

avoid drying out their skin even further. 







After your dog or cat has been washed and dried, comb through the fur

with a flea comb to help remove any fleas and eggs that may have been

left behind. 








How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work?







Diatomaceous earth works by physically attacking harmful parasites

inside your pet. Instead of killing these pests using toxic chemicals, the

diatomaceous earth actually targets them using microscopic sharp

edges in it's particles. These microscopic sharp edges tear apart the

bug's exoskeleton, then lodge themselves on the bug to dry it out. This

kills the bug. 






Fortunately, these microscopic sharp edges are too small to harm dogs,

cats, or humnas. You can safely rub food~grade diatomaceous earth

between your fingers without cutting yourself. It passes through your

dog or cat's body without any negative effects. 







We use D.E. here at Puppy Pawz and believe it has helped us out alot!!!

It is also good for their coat and many other benefits that I don't have

here....give it a try and see what you think!!!! 















































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