~Shipping Information and How It Works~

  Flying your puppy is very easy to do.... so if you

have never had a puppy flown below is information on how it works and what to expect 









    Your puppy flies with a health certificate that is

issued by the vet. There can be 2 names on the

health certificate as to who will be picking the

puppy up from the airport. No one other than

whose names are on this health certificate are

allowed to pick up the puppy. Also your address

and telephone number where you can be reached

goes on the certificate. The airlines do give you a

call if your puppy arrives early.








    When you pick up your puppy you will show

them valid ID which matches your name on the

health certificate. That is all you need to do! I always pay

for the flight when I book the puppy in on my end.....









    The puppy flies in a shipping crate and I put

newspapers, pillowcase, or a puppy pad  on the bottom

for the puppy to lay on. I have heard many people say

that the ride of the airplane just puts them to sleep!!! 









   Your puppy is given a warm sudsy bath before it

leaves and is all shampooed and perfumed up! We hope

that he/she arrives to you that way but once the puppy is

out of our care it is a little hard to prevent an accident!!!

But we try!!! 














  Also the puppy flies with food and water which

the airlines take care of the puppy at any layovers.








    We will come up with a day that works for both

of us to fly your puppy out....Puppies cannot fly before 8

wks. of age which are airline rules.








   You will give me the airport of your choice and

then I will call the airlines to book the flight. 

Puppies must fly within 10 days of the health

certificate being issued or it expires which is also

airline rules.








    I will email you all the flight numbers,

destination, arrivals, and departures... if your puppy

has a layover, and also where you will find cargo at

your airport.  The address of cargo if it is not

attached to the airport.








   It is very easy to do and the puppy flies safely

and is well~taken care of! We generally always fly United

airlines. Cargo is temperature controlled and you can fly

safely anywhere anytime of the year and do not have to

worry about outside temperatures which is extremely

nice!!! I can fly Delta if we need to....shipping does run

higher using Delta but it is still an option if need be!!! I

just like United the BEST!!! And have always safely

flown my puppies!! 








   I do not make money on shipping I charge what I

get charged for shipping which includes the flight,

health certificate, and shipping crate. You will pay me for

shipping before the puppy leaves....and I pre~pay for you

at drop~off.....









   Shipping usually runs between $350~$450 to

anywhere in the USA and Canada.We can also ship

WORDLWIDE!! Mexico, Puerto Rico or anywhere you

would like!!! 








    Enjoy your new puppy from Puppy Pawz!!!






Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319