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have said   about Puppy Pawz....!! Feel free to ask for
























                           .....BY THE DOOR........


                  ALL DAY FOR YOUR RETURN????









                                                 LICKING..... YOUR FACE?"



                                                                                                                                                                     ~John Grogan









My name is Charlie~Mac!! I am a long~hair boy...and a SPECIAL

one at that!!



One day I recieved a call from Manhattan....by a man named Pierre....

a french~man formerly from FRANCE!!! .....wondering if I had any

male St. Bernards left....I had 1!! He said...he is MINE!!! And I have a

story to tell you....




I owned a small breed dog for 16 years and it passed away and i

wanted to get a large breed next. I found a St. Bernard running by the

road and picked it up and later did find it's owners which I am happy I

did....but I had no St. Bernard.....




One day I was walking in Manhattan and saw a St. Bernard....and

fell in LOVE with him!!! I inquired of the owner where they got him

from...and the lady gave me Puppy Pawz website!!! 




Pierre purchased our last male and he has the most WONDERFUL

home!!! Charlie~Mac is with Pierre 24/7 and is his constant

companion!! Pierre absolutely LOVES his dog and said they are worth

$5,000 at least!!! He sends me lots of pictures of Charlie~Mac so that is














































          Rebekah Peters:


                        My wife has made a decision, she only

wants a St. Bernard from you.




                       Our Chicago veterinarian said, Bella's

breeder did a wonderful job. Today, at 10~months, she is 135

lbs. and no medical problems whatsoever. I told the vet that

Bella was raised on Orijen, and that is the only food we use

today. She said "perfect diet."




                      Bottom line......Mrs. Norman said that the

puppy we considered from another breeder was a very nice

male but it was not raised by Puppy Pawz. So, whenever

your next litter of saints arrives, we would like to reserve

your biggest male.







                                       Art Norman 




         Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, the Normans, and 10~month old

Bella at Friday's PAWS Banquet. PAWS is the largest no~kill

shelter in Chicago. This is where everyone brings their pet.











     Dear Rebekah,

    Thank~you so very much for the amazing little puppy.

 We love Bella Donna very, very, much.

 She is the sweetest, best tempered dog.

 It is very easy to see that she was loved and well cared for.

              Thank~you     Thank~you


 I cannot tell you how much I love her. Bella makes

 a great addition to my family.

 And rest assured she will be spoiled and loved

 like my baby girl. (she is the best)

 When I get her pictured on a CD, Tommi will make sure

 you get them.




                         ~With all my gratitude,                   


                   Bella Donna's mom











                    Good Day,

  How are you today? I hope you are doing great in this wonderful Sunday afternoon.




   It is with GREAT joy that i announce the coming of our beautiful baby puppy, Chiquitina.




   She was born on October 5th, 2012 in the great state of Michigan to a very caring lady who is known to all as Rebekah Peters. She is a mother of 4 children ( 2 boys and 2 girls), and is also the devoted breeder to many Saint Bernards for quite some time.



  With this endeavor, she has made MANY families and many more children happy than she could imagine. Maybe she can not possibly ever know how much joy and smiles, and how many lives her little doggies have touched and made better. The seeds planted and grown carefully by laboring with love will become the most beautiful fruits ever harvested. This amazing crop will never end and will spread forever and ever.......



   How many hearts and souls have been touched with joy is impossible to imagine but let's keep it going....let's keep sharing love and joy.....let's make the world better......let's keep spreading the Word......




                          ONE PUPPY AT A TIME!!!!



                                   ~Alice Hernandez, Miami, Florida


















          ~Dear Rebekah,

  We are SO grateful for the beautiful puppy you've raised for us and all the extra

work that you did to make her arrival safe and comfortable to Nebraska. We are

falling in love with her.....and have given her the official name of "Honor!!!"

Thank~you for the great puppy kit you put together-chocolate was gone fast due to

a stress filled day. Jason started out his day having a kidney stone attack early in

the morning and was able to luckily have the medicine on hand to manage the pain

so he could get a cat~scan before 12:56 p.m. when her flight came in.





   Praise God it all worked out!!! We were at the cargo area anticipating her arrival

when a lady from Delta called to say that she was waiting for us at the carousal

where bags are claimed?! All i could imagine was this puppy riding around in

circles with the luggage and just had to laugh:) but that was not actually the case.

The lady was a rookie and hadn't sent her to cargo, so there was a manager that

had to come over from cargo and sign the papers there.





  She was scared of course, and had a bowel movement on her pretty blanket you

sent,but held her urine until she hit the grass and was happy after that.









  On the way home from the airport she was funny....acting like a mole trying to

dig her head into the blankets like she was trying to make this nightmare end?!

Once we got her in our yard she started playing and we've had so much fun as you

can see from the evening pictures of when the kids got home. Look at the size of

that puppy with my youngest 10 yr. old in the Husker jersey!!!









  She is eating and drinking great. Hasn't had a accident YET, but i am quite sure it

is only a matter of time before we slack off and don't watch the clock. She has her

vet app for Sat. morning and is sleeping good in the crate now after a long day!!!

















                                                              ~Tasha&Jason and kids












       I feel like a kid at christ~mas waiting for Santa to come!

     Don't know if you got my last email, but would it be

possible for me to pick her up on Halloween weekend when

she is 6 wks. old? I have 4 days off at that time and it would

be so nice to spend that time with my little doll baby.

  You can trust that I will do whatever is necessary with

the worming or shots on my dime.

   It would be one less for you to worry about, as long as it

  will be all right with Dolly and Ritzy. We did get our poodle

 at 5 wks. when she was only 2 lbs. (The people were on

vacation) and we did fine with her. My last St. Bernard I got

when he was just 7 weeks. I just can't wait to ger her home to

start spoiling her. We already have her toys and bed waiting 

for her. She is the prettiest little girl St. Bernard.......i have ever seen.....






 I decided on a girl, because Ritzy is the prettiest St. Bernard

girl I have ever seen and looks so happy.

 I Just know I made the right decision. Thanx for taking

  such good care of my baby. I hope you know how happy

 you have made our whole family. This is a true blessing for

 us. A real gift from God.

 We will always love her and take the best care of her until

she  is an old lady. You are lucky I don't live closer.....ha ha

we would be over all the time, bugging you!!

  Let me know when we can come get our little Dolly.

                            We are waiting impatiently!!

                         ~Jeani and family 













        Hello Rebekah!

  I haven't updated you in awhile, and i hope everything is well in your world! We are so in love

with Butch, he keeps us entertained on a daily basis and is growing like a horse! We receive so

many compliments on him and there isn't a single person who could resisit a face like his. We will

definately be using you in the future for another female companion!! Please let me know when and

if you will breed your beautiful import from Bosnia...I would definately be interested in a female.

Butch and Lily absolutely adore each other!! They are already best friends and the kitty is slowly

warming up to Butch. Butch is sooo curious about the kitty...he has a stuffed toy that looks almost

identical to our actual cat, so i think he gets confused. haha We will be keeping in contact with you

for future puppies. Words can't express how thankful we are for the quality of your saints!! He has

changed our lives.....

                                                                   THANX Again!


















Right now she is chewing on a little chew stick.

Abbey's personality is soooo loveable and nice.

She is pooping and peeing outside and she likes

sleeping in her cage.  Air cargo called me at 10:30                                      

and said she had landed. We got there at 1:30.

The papers came today so I will take

her to the vet on Monday. Loveable Abbey                                                  

will be just right for us and us for her. She seems                                       

to already recognize her new name. Most of all                                            

she enjoys playing on the lawn. I'll have to learn to                                       

send pictures by computer. Thank~you thank~you                                      


Sally ~ Have a great weekend!!!! Until later......








                                Hi Rebekah!!

                             Thank~you so much for the cookies and most of

                         all the puppy!! Your cookies were delicious!!

                         I can tell you love to bake. I had to take the plate away from my

                         dad or he would have eaten them all!!!


                             We love little Kendra so much!! I stayed home for several days

                           (on maternity leave with her!!) I can't believe how smart

                          she is. She had a great ride home and we stopped often to give her potty breaks.

                          Everyplace we stopped we drew a crowd of people, some were

                          even taking pictures. I love hearing

                          stories of other people who have or have had Saints. They are

                          truly WONDERFUL gentle giants..... I can tell Kendra loves to be

                          outside and she really loves her toys, we got her plenty since I don't want to

                          be a chew toy while she is teething.

                          She walks so nice on a leash, I am training her to stay in our yard

                          and she's doing very well. Every~time I stop walking she sits down right

                           in front of me and looks up for my next command. She really has me

                           wrapped around her little paw though..... I made a bedroom up just

                          for her and ended sleeping in there myself!! I will send pictures sooo,

                          my daughter has the camera today.

                                                              Take care,











                  Hello Rebekah,


             Just wanted to e~mail and say thank~you again so much for letting


          us come out to your home to visit today!! You definitely have your hands full


              full with the farm and your kids as well as we really appreciate


         your generosity letting us see the puppies. Your farm








          and dogs are absolutely beautiful and we are so thrilled to have one of Ritzy's 


      babies! We can't wait to bring him home!


                                    ~Christie and Michelle





























                                            YOUR WEBSITE AND DOGS


         Hello... I just wanted to email you and let you know I think your website about your

      dogs is just AWESOME!! Very WELL done.... I got my first St. Bernard 5 yrs. ago

      from a breeder in Pennsylvania. I have always LOVED the breed but there were no breeders

      at that time here in Michigan, so I had to look out of state.... but....




          I live in Stanton Michigan and am only 20 miles from where you are in Riverdale.

      So I am HOPING you are planning on breeding your saints for a long time....

       as I will for sure be getting another one in the very near future. I

     currently also have a 10 yr. old Husky who is slowing down alot, and my saint and her

      are the BEST of friends and so I am sure when anything happens to my husky my saint will

     be lost.... I will never have any other breed of dog again in my home, except saints!!!!

      How can you not love them, from the drool right down to them thinking they can

    be a lap dog.... I have had dogs all my life but never have I had such a great puppy

     and dog as my saint has been.




       So I just wanted to comment on your website and your BEAUTIFUL dogs. I don't

     know much about the Mastiff breed but they are also beautiful as well. I LOVE

     BIG DOGS.... Is there temperament anything like a saints???

     I'm sure they drool too.....

     But just kind of wondering what the breed is like????




         Also I would be interested in having a female short~haired saint, do you have both

     long and short haired pups???




        Anyhow once again I just wanted to let you know from one saint lover, your dogs

    and website are AWESOME... very well done..... thanx for your time..... Sue











                                                                           Hey Rebekah,

              It was so nice to meet you this weekend!! Thanks so much for

          the cookies!!! They were soooo good!!!!!





           The trek home was not bad at all. We stopped at at many rest areas 

        on the way to Detroit. We also found a park to have lunch at and play

      outside. The baby did great! We have named him Cooper. He was so good

      on the plane. I was more nervous than he was. He was such a hit at the

                         airport and everywhere he went.




               Once we landed in Florida the 3 of us were so tired.I had friends

    calling and wanting to come over that night!!! It was 1 a.m. by the time we

    got home. I told everyone he was too tired and he could play tomorrow.





           On Sunday he had so many visitors and a BBQ. My house had a  

      revolving door. I think he is adjusting just fine. I am so in love! We are

     having so much fun. The holidays are going to be so much fun with him. I

    have attached a few pictures for you and i will keep them coming. He loves

           the car.... He was helping me get gas in the one picture!!!









             Thanx again for checking in on us and for raising such a nice



                                   ~Amy Kirkland









  ~Hi Rebekah,

   Hope all is well with you. I don't think I ever asked how big our puppy's

 parents are. Could you please let me know how much they weigh

 and how tall they are? Everyone always asks and wonders how big she

 will get!!! I take her to my kids sports games often and she gets sooooo

  much attention. Everyone just ADORES her!!




   ~We named her Lucy. She is so sweet, and smart- she already knows many

  commands and tricks. The latest one we taught her is to wave bye bye.

  It's really cute.




  ~As you can see in the attached pictures, she is usually hanging out with our

  Westie, Molly. The last one is of Lucy&me. I just love her!!!      




















           We are reheating pulled pork for lunch

        and our new puppy is dashing all over the kitchen with her

        nose in the air trying to locate the food!! We renamed her

        Goldberry (Goldie). and she is a dear. The other pup Bomber,

        just sleeps in the middle of all the hubub.









      She arrived perfectly happy, so clean, smelling like perfume,

         and played until about 1:00 a.m. Bomber's flight came

         in at 11:30 p.m. and they spent the night

        together in their new home. She is very smart, social, and playful.

        Bomber just sleeps and eats, just like a male saint.

        I think she'll be the brains and he'll be the brawn.








      You left no stone unturned in this whole transaction.

        We loved all the little touches, the treats, and all the care you

        put into sending her to us.

        This truly sets you apart from other breeders. Thank~you.




       Again, thank you for our new friend.....

                    and for all your hard work and extra care.


                                       ~Teri Michel








                              ~Hi Rebekah,

                     Thank you for your response!

                               I just wanted to say that I have

                          LOVED your website. I've never bought from

                              a breeder before, both of our current dogs are

                         rescues,and your website put me completely

                         at EASE! We are looking for a smooth coat female.

                            Do you plan on having any in an upcoming litter?

                         If not, we would be fine with a rough coat.

                           We were hoping to get her towards the end

                      of the year. We live in the high desert,

                        and i do not want to put a puppy through that

                    kind of heat it's first year!! If you could

                        let me know, I would greatly appreciate it!

                                  THANK YOU so much!!














        .....just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know how MUCH

        we LOVE our Sampson. He was born in your litter last February 27th

      (you named him Max). He has grown into a magnificent dog with a

     GREAT personality. We LOVE him so VERY much!! Beyond his

     GREAT looks, he is friendly and loves to be around people. He loves walks

     and car rides. He is TRULY a member of our family. I have attached a couple

     of pictures for you to see. He is HUGE!!! At 10 months, he weighed in at

     150 lbs.

                 Would LOVE to hear from you!!

                              ~Cindy, Al, Mackenzie, Kylie and Jonathan Vespa
















                    ~EVERYTHING  I  NEED  TO  KNOW....


              I  LEARNED


               FROM  MY  DOG








                                        When loved ones come home,

                                  ALWAYS run to greet them.

                 Never pass up the opportunity

                 To go for a joy~ride

                 Allow the experience of fresh air

                 .....and the wind in your face to be pure


























Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319