THE   ST.   BERNARD..... A   NOBLE   BREED.....





           MAKING  THE  WORLD  A  BETTER  PLACE.....



                  ONE  PUPPY.....



                       AT  A  TIME!!!!














              TO  K N O W  A  ST.  BERNARD......



                              IS  TO  KNOW  L O V E......









PLEASE LET ME KNOW!           











      ~MALES AND FEMALES...... $1,500 ~ $2,500....







              Here are a few litter pictures so you have an idea what a BEAUTIFUL litter this really!!














       Hello!!! I went to live with Chelsea Barton from

Moundville Alabama!! She works as a news reporter

for the University of Alabama!! She now owns a

beautiful St. Bernard puppy that's mother was

IMPORTED from Norway!!! She comes from a kennel

that heer dogs have the most winning titles a dog can

have!! Below are pictures of him!

























































......Hello there!! I am an amazing long~hair girl and live in the

GREAT state of Michigan!!! I actually had 3 different people want

me and you can see why!! I am simply amazing!!! I have a nice

head on me.....very good boning and am a very friendly out~going

girl!!! I went to a loving home....they said i sold them their sweet....




















































 ....this AMAZING girl went to Fargo North Dakota!!! They are 2nd

time puppy buyers!! Which is an AWESOME compliment to us!! She is

a WONDERFULL female!! VERY nice blocky~ head on her and good

boning!! Her sire comes from Serbia and her mother from Norway!! She

has fantastic bloodlines!!














 This wonderful boy went to Missouri to 2nd time Puppy Pawz

buyers!!! He is an AWESOME male with a fabulous bloodline!!! MANY

CHAMPIONS in his pedigree!! His sire comes from SERBIA and his

mother from NORWAY!!! He was one of my children's favorite and we

sure had ALOT of fun with him!!! 




















 ....i also went to 2nd time Puppy Pawz buyers!!! I am quite the

stunning looking female!! Out of this world head on her!! Love her

half~mask as well!! She is a chunky and solid girl!! Her sire is

from SERBIA and her mother from NORWAY!! They both have nice

heads on them and champions filled blood~line!!













































....this tremendously nice girl went to Illinois!! We met in Indy and she

had the puppy of her dreams!!! Nice and friendly girl!! And also very

nice home she went to!! They are also looking to add another female

from Puppy Pawz to their family as well!! 

















      I went to live with Ann Neumann from Minnesota!!! My

name is Lucy and I love hanging out with their Westie!! I

know alot of commands and tricks and the latest one I

learned was waving goodbye!!!!

















    HELLO there!! I went all the way to Georgia!! To live

with Kevin&Kristi Wilkins!! Kevin works on a farm so I will

have an exciting fun~filled life!!







   My name is Lilly!! I live with Robert&Anjanette

Monroy!! Robert purchased a puppy from Puppy Pawz and

then Anj wanted a sweet girl for her own to dress and doll

up!! How AWESOME!! I have the CUTEST face ever!








      I live a LONG ways away!! I am with Sandra

Snodgrass from California!! I was a birthday surprise for

her husband!! I live in the mountains and also with a Great

Dane canine friend....!






        My owner is Kristy Florence.... from Ohio! Her husband

wasn't a huge St. Bernard lover until.....he saw me and I

simply stole his heart!!!








         My owner is Alta Hernandez from Arizona!! I am a

GORGEOUS rough coat with a super fun personality!!

Alta has little children for me to play with which I am

super happy about!! She was over 26 lbs. at 8 wks.

































      Hi everyone!! I went to live with Lois Auliffe from

Hawthorne, New Jersey! She is sooo excited about me!

Lois was going to be getting a different puppy only to find

out it was a scam! She counted down the days until my














     Hi to everyone!! My name is Dolly!! I went to live with

Jeani Much of New Hudson Michigan. At 7 wks. of age they

had Dolly knowing how to sit, play dead (down),  roll over

and shake!!! AMAZING!!! Jeani took Dolly to Halloween

parties and she won 2nd place!! She is Jeani's














      My owners are Paul and Cindy Schum from Mississippi!!

When Paul inquired on me he was in the Persian Gulf! He

was able to be home to be with me for a little before leaving

for overseas again!


















   Hello there!! My name is Bernie and I went to Sturgeon bay Wisconsin to live with Brittani Danek.  In the summer I will go with them to the lake and in the winter do alot of fishing with them!!






















    I am one HANDSOME rough coat male!! My wonderful owner is Amy Kirkland from Florida. She lives by the ocean which I can visit alot!!





























    Hello! I went not so far from my home! My owners are

Christie and Michelle from Ann Arbor. They had been

researching breeds and breeders for a year ..... and chose

me!! How lucky i am!! Christie and Michelle also do a

SPECTACULAR job of sending pics!!






              ~I am the St. Bernard of course!!!




















































     Hi! My name is Uma. I am one GORGEOUS rough coat female..... I went to live in Sheboyagan Wisconsin with Bobby and Susan Fredericks. Everyone there was asking about me! Here she is at Starbucks!








































      HELLO!! My name is Deuce!! My new home is  with Chris Elliott of Milwaukee Wisconsin!! Chris is PTO Quality Manager of the Harley~Davidson Motor Company. I am sooo excited to be able to live with such a NICE family!!  I  am  one GORGEOUS rough coat male!















         This AWESOME male.... Butterscotch.... went to John and Kelly Davis of Carbondale, Illinois...... My new family REALLY liked me because of my nice symmetrical mask. I am an EYE~CATCHER for sure!! They were absolutely THRILLED to get me!














            I am a SWEET rough coat girl..... My new home is in Flint Michigan with Matthew and Courtney Moussiaux. Her 8 yr. old son Elijah has been saving up his money for a long time to help buy me!  He has prayed about it and one day found $20 laying in the grocery store isle.... just like it fell straight from Heaven! We will have LOTS of fun this summer!















            Hi there!! This puppy went to live with the Low family of Hudson Valley New York!!! Constanza's daughter is telling everyone in her class at school about the new puppy they are getting and maybe even the whole school!!! Constanza feeds her dogs alot like I do and uses the raw food diet. I have a WHOLE album of Remi here! Good job Constanza!! Keep up the SWELL work!!





































               HELLO! My name is Olive!! ~  I am a BEAUTIFUL rough coat female..... My owners are David and Angela Radel of Kingsley, Michigan. They are breeders of Leonburgers and I will have some canine friends as well!!

































    My owners are Al and Cindy Vespa from Michigan!! After Cindy brought me home she said..... I had no idea one could fall in love so fast!! I go with them everywhere because it is hard to leave me home!!











    I went to live with Ann Neuamnn from Minnesota!! An awesome beautiful rough coat female with a sweet personality!! I have other canine friends and a FANTASTIC family!!












       Howdy!!  My name is Samson!!!  And I am one HANDSOME male.... My owners are Bryan Lamey and Ann Rippberger from Albuquerque, New Mexico!! I am a birthday present for Bryan and he has been waiting for me for a LONG time already!! I even rode with him to Starbucks the other day!














     Hello !! I am Oscar!! One OUTSTANDING rough coat male..... My WONDERFUL family is Kevin and Jodi Martin from Indiana. Their son picked me out as I am going his dog! I have a German Shephard playmate as well!













         HI! My name is Kitzbuhel Sophia Verlee. Kitzy for short but a FANCY name! I went to Ann Arbor Michigan where I will be the mascot dog at Breed Above. A door greeter, hand shaker, well~trained dog there. Breed Above has a daycare, grooming salon, trainers there and a hsost of other options for your pet! I have a WONDERFUL family!





































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