Edward OD Mikija~ The AWESOME boy that he is!!!











































                                                             .....Smokey....she's always a goofy dog!








                                                   ....raised with love......




                                              .....A dog is man's BEST friend....


















     ~Puppy pictures from Edward OD MIKIJA and Cretan's

Puppy Pawz Smokey!!! Very Very nice puppies, thick solid

bones,  good angles, movement, and head structure.










      ....so quiet down cobwebs.....dust go to sleep.....


          i'm rocking my puppy......


               ....and puppies DON'T keep!!!!










            Roseanna~ I went to Lisa Freeman from

Cailornia!!! Lisa has had some bad luck with er saints in

the past....and here are her words when she received








        SHE is one of the nicest Saint puppies i have ever

seen....her feet/bone are huge for a girl, her coat is beautiful,

her head is awesome & she is so sweet even after all she

went through today....I have her in a x~pen next to Stanlee

& she is trying to get him to play....she is settling in so well,

both boys love her & Rocco is being very gentle & knows

she is a puppy...it's Stanlee I have to watch....he is 4 months

now but she is going to be bigger than him!!! lol!! but the

plan is to breed to Adrians male pup that Jim is buying & i

can have more females here.....






     I will be sending more pics to you as she grows. She has a

huge yard to play in, a huge nanny to guard her, i think she

will enjoy the lab pups too....They are 4 wks. old now....got

a new camera but haven't had a chance to set it up but i am

happy I saw her that night & thank~you again for such a

GORGEOUS puppy!!






    PLEASE let me know when you have a litter planned....







                             ...she is a DREAM.....  














                                              ...here she is at Puppy Pawz..... 









           ...when Lisa's friend picked up Roseanna from the airport he

said she was the most BEAUTIFUL animal he had ever saw!!






































             I went to live with Gabriel and Candace Fiore from

West Virginia!! They were looking for another family pet to call

their own!! They already have a saint and he needs another

friend as well!! They are a VERY nice family and also work with

the St. Bernard rescue in West Virginia......




































                I am one AMAZING half~mask boy!! My name is

Phantom and when i still lived at Puppy pawz i was the

childrens absolute favorite puppy!!! They always picked me up

first to hold!! My new home is with Timothy Gilbert from

Maryland....they had wanted a puppy from this combination for

about 2 yrs. before it all worked out to get one!!! They said he

was 3 times bigger then the last one they got at that age!! Very

nice people!!









                                    PICTURE  PERFECT  PALS!!!






                                                  kissin' with my buddy!!!                          







                                    ~litter~mate playmates having fun!!!

























        ....here he is at 5months of age, 85 lbs. and living at the

Gilberts...they said he is their baby!! He was easy to potty train

and has a great temperament and personality!!!







....and here i am at the Gilberts a few years later!!! And absolutely amazing!!! He is quite the stunner and really takes up that whole chair!!!!


























            I went to Brent Coleman from Oregon!! I was an early

Christmas present and a delightful surprise to their daughter!! I

am one SOLID boy and look ALOT like my dad!! Very DARK

coloring and went to a fabulous home!!!



















    ...to the left is me....wondering where i should run off to next!!






                       I am in the back....peeking out!!






               ....i am the one playfully batting my sister!!






          ...i am to the right...female litter~mate to my left....









              ....and i went to Wisconsin to live with Mike

Uptagraw!! I was a Christmas present for him and his

girlfriend!! Very nice boy they chose and they drove here to pick

him up!! They live not far away from where my husband takes

hoof trimming classes at so it felt like we were friends who had

never met!!
















                Karen Kester from Nebraska purchased 2 puppies

from the same litter!! A male and a female!! VERY

STRIKING puppies that make quite the good~looking pair!!




                           ....here is the girl......











                           ....here is the boy!!













                    ....and i went to John Vaughn from Illinois as a

Christmas surprise!! They have 3 children and they did not

know what dad was going to be bringing them home!!





















      I went to Starlight Saints...i will have the career of a show dog!! I

am a VERY IMPRESSIVE rough coat male!! Dark coloring and a squishy

face!! I am super friendly and really enjoy people company. I am always ready

to come and play!! Gotta LOVE that squishy face!!




























































                                                                                                   8 months old!!!









       I went to live with Nancy Bosowski from New Hampshire!! I am a

super SWEET rough coat female and am quite the sweety!!! I have beautiful

dark red coloring, very nice blocky~head on me and am growing really well!!

I have a WONDERFUL life ahead of me! Nancy said life without a Saint

Bernard is "like a day without sunshine!!"






























          I went to live with David Spies from Virginia!! This will be

his 2ndpuppy he has purchased from Puppy Pawz and now his female will

have a playmate!! I have a very dark coat...simply stunning!! And also

a winningpersonality!! I am a rough coat male and will live with a wonderful

family forthe rest of my life!!





























     My name is Missi!! I am an INCREDIBLY beautiful rough coat

female!! I went to live with Mike Brunette and Cynthia Eanes!! This will

be Cynthia's girl as Mike has a male from Puppy Pawz and Cynthia would

like her own companion!! I will have little children to play with and also a

canine friend!!




























      I went to live with Vicki Epp!! She is such a great lady

and is counting down the days until i arrive!! I am a stunner male!! Nice

complete mask and lovel markings!! I am a BIG boy!! And have been eating

and growing real well!! I love to be played with and held!!










































       ~THANX for choosing PUPPY PAWZ for your new companion

and friend!! More pictures will be posted as we have more puppies from

Edward OD MIKIJA!! So be sure to visit us often!!




                     ~HAVE A GREAT AND FUN DAY!!!




             ~Any questions or interest please do not hesitate to call!! 


Puppy Pawz


Text: 989 763 6319